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How To Relocate The iOS 7 Lockscreen Grabbers

bettergrabbers1With iOS 7, Apple added two new grabbers to the Lockscreen: one at the top of the screen which launches the Notification Center when you drag it downwards, and one at the bottom of the screen which launches Control Center when you drag it upwards. While both grabbers are pretty straight forward and most users don’t even use them as a guide, they’re pretty much floating on the screen. Better Grabbers ( available via BigBoss repo ) aims to fix that. The new Cydia tweak relocates both grabbers to the edge of the display making it more obvious for the user where they should be dragging upwards or downwards. Of course, that happens only if you’re using the grabbers as visual guides. For most of us opening Notification Center and Control Center is a reflex, so this tweak is not life changer but at least it moves the grabbers out of the way which can sometimes help with your wallpaper.