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PurpleSn0w Source Code Available To Download

I said it before and i say it again. The war between DevTeam and GeoHot is stupid. No idea how, such bright minds, can let such primitive feelings get in the way of their work. But usually competition is beneficial for the people ( users ) , but sometimes can also harm us.

While DevTeam is busy to update their version of iPhone Sim Unlock ( ultrasn0w ) and criticize everything GeoHot does, the boy genius proves himself as a true hacker and a devoted and loyal member of the open source community by making his purplesn0w source code available for anybody to download.

The code looks something like this:

Have any idea what going on there? Yeah, neither do i. Got lost pretty quick. GeoHot explains the code in his own words tho, which you can use as a guide, or at least to get a basic idea what those numbers and letters are all about:

I wrote a payload and delivery system in a day. And it’s an awesome payload. Ideally we’d like to patch the lock out of flash, but with the apparently proper sig checks, that isn’t going to happen. So purplesn0w is the next best thing. I copy the page I want to patch to an unused region of memory. In memory I patch it. Then, using the MMU, I map the flash page out and remap the patched memory page in it’s place.

No new iPhones are really unlocked, activation creates a ticket allowing the baseband to be used with that sim. The lockstate of the phone really lies on apples servers. Unlocked is auth all sims. Locked is auth AT&T sims only. Fortunately this ticket system provides an easy way to deliver the payload and reexecute the patched code all in one. And since the ticket is already delivered on baseband resets, theres no need to write another daemon to hog battery. I use the daemon already designed for this, lockdownd. A patch to commcenter gets it to run the payload on ticket delivery. And a patch to your activation record contains the payload. So using existing apple machinery, I unlock when needed.

Download PurpleSnow Source Code