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Blizzard Introducing World of Warcraft Armory For The iPhone

Blizzard has just released an official WoW Armory client for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The App features the ability for users to see a number of important things on their iPhone that they normally would be able to get in-game or through use of the official armory site. Some of the major features include:

  • Character information, including gear, achievements, and specs
  • PvP leader boards
  • Talent calculators
  • Official Blizzard news
  • An integrated item browser
  • In-game calendars

You can download the app right now from the WoW Armory page and the App Store. The app is free. This is the second mobile application Blizzard has developed, the first being a mobile authenticator app.

Some first impressions of the app after the break!

These are some of the first impressions I’ve had of the app. We’ll have more in-depth analysis at a later time.

  • You can buy the app via this link if it’s not showing up in the app store for you.
  • The exact name of the application is “World of Warcraft Mobile Armory”. On my iPhone I went and searched “WoW Armory” via the app store and it showed up as the last item in the search results.
  • When you open the app for the first time, you are asked to log in. I have a enabled account, with an authenticator attached. I entered my login information and was then taken to the main screen. I was not asked for my authenticator info. The app also allows you to save your login info for faster access in the future.
  • The app requires version 2.2 or later of the iPhone OS. (Note there was some incorrect information here originally that we’ve since corrected.)
  • There are some good animations with the app. When you move to a new page, the current page flips away, like a book page.
  • You have a button to immediately return to one of your characters.
  • You can easily bookmark other characters for quick viewing.
  • Gear viewing and calendar viewing is very very slick.
  • Talent calculators are a little sluggish.

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