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PogoPlank: iPhone Categories Done Better.

from developers Jaywalker and captzoden, comes a great new idea on the organization of your iDevice’s homescreen

From developers Jaywalker and captzoden, comes a great new idea on the organization of your iDevice’s homescreen. Apple really dropped the ball when it came to arranging 9 pages of apps. This is a fix for that. “The whole goal of the project was to write “categories” in a better way”

PogoPlank removes the SpringBoards “pages of icons” idea and replaced that with a “wheel of categories”. Unlike other apps (Categories) which must be opened to open your app (which is time consuming…), PogoPlank is built right into your SpringBoard interface, so no lag before opening your app. It uses better memory management than the stock SpringBoard app, because it doesn’t allocate all the icons at runtime. Developer Jaywalker actually has more free memory with the app than without.

For all of you using Winterboard, they have thought of that too. It is theme-able 100%, all the way down to the opacity of each object. Users can have 5+ categories that they define the names and objects within themselves. The whole thing works with WinterBoard themes (Icon’s and Backgrounds) and doesn’t affect lock-screen or anything else.

It doesn’t have to hook into winterboard at all. The way it is set it up, it doesn’t touch winterboard, it just replaces the standard iconsList UIView with the PogoPlank UIView, so that doesn’t affect the ability to use background images.

How about iTunes 9 and all the app icons? Will they still be visible?
Pogoplank, doesn’t hide any icons, it just changes the way they’re displayed. iTunes handles the iconView and UIView.

PogoPlank will be doing a live demo on Friday at 5 pm CST October 9th 2009 via Qik. They plan on submitting to the BigBoss repp on Thursday night about midnight, so that means it will be in Cydia by Saturday or Sunday.

Be sure to check it out, They want lots of feedback from the community so they can make this app better, saying “we designed this with our tastes in mind and what we thought others might like… but if the community wants something different, we’ll make it”

It’ll be in the CydiaStore for $1.99. Seems reasonable…just skip 2 fart apps and your good to go. They have also agreed to give us 1 promo code for one of our loyal readers, so a contest is in order.

Be sure to follow http://twitter.com/pogoplank for updates on the live demo.


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