iPhone Firmware 3.1.2 Is Out And BlackRa1n Manage To Unlock It

Apple just released their new iPhone firmware 3.1.2 which is available through iTunes. This release addresses the following issues:

  • iPhone does not wake up after suspension problem fixed
  • Fixes an intermittent problem that can cause the interruption of mobile network services until you restart
  • Corrects a problem that could cause occasional crashes during video streaming

It is advised that you do not upgrade until GeoHot ( or the DevTeam ) is releasing his tool. But dont worry, because we got only good news. Blackra1n is working 100% on the new firmware says , GeoHot.

The tool was tested on the new firmware and has managed to jailbreak it. GeoHot still has some troubles with the iTouch 3G, so we probably wont see the tool today, like we said yesterday.

GeoHot says that if you want, you can update your iPhone 3G and 3Gs to the new iPhone firmware 3.1.2 and later use Blackra1n to jailbreak it. We would advise you to wait though, because at any moment something could go wrong.

Bottom line:

Althought Blackra1n is almost done ( geohot fixed the payload problem and now he is fixing a problem of stability ) , we suggest you do not upgrade to the new firmware until Blackra1n is out.

The iPhone DevTeam said on their official blog that PwnageTool and Redsn0w are not yet compatible with 3.1.2 Firmware. There not ETA for the new tools…