New iPhone 6 + iRing Concept [video]


Apparently, imagining what the iWatch might look like and its characteristics is sooo last month. So it’s time to dig deep into the past and get back to the iRing. This is the case for this new concept that presents an ‘iPhone 6 Air’ in multiple colors, which comes with an iRing that features notification lights, a temperature sensor, heartbeat monitor and a ‘mood sensor’. To be honest the concept lacks creativity, especially when it comes to the ‘iPhone 6 Air’ ( btw, it’s either iPhone 6 or iPhone Air ). The best iPhone Air concept we’ve seen so far, might just be the one presented back in December that showed the introductory video, an unboxing video and the TV ad. But there are a couple of other iPhone Air concepts worth mentioning that you can check out here.

Jump over the break to check out the video…

[thx Luca]