Google Maps Update Brings Uber Integration, Better Transit Info and More…

Navigation with Lane Guidance

Today Google released a massive update to its Maps app, with improved navigation instructions, new search options and even the ability to jump into the Uber app to order a ride.

The update includes lane guidance and easier access to alternate routes when you’re already in navigation mode. Another new feature lets you search for a specific area, such as Toronto, and save that place info sheet for offline use. For those traveling to a new city, there’s the ability to view places saved on Google Maps across all devices. You’ll also be able to star new locales to keep them bookmarked for the future.

Google’s added new filters to assist in your search for restaurants, bars and other places of interest. Sorting options include opening hours, rating and price, among others. And for those who are taking public transportation, the Google Maps update brings enhanced route options, with the ability to select “last train home” so you don’t get stranded.  Google Maps is available for free on the App StoreUber