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Neurotech Siri: Probably The Best Siri Theme

They say, one of main reasons for jailbreaking is the ability to theme your device. If you are a long time FSM reader, you know we can’t disagree more. And that’s not because theming our iOS devices isn’t serious biz, but because every dumb kid who knows how to use a torrent client to get photoshop thinks his a designer.

But once in a while, a skillful individual will drop a theme that is so awesome we just can’t resist writing about it. Like this OS X Lion Ultimatum theme, or the Siri theme we’re presenting today: Neurotech Siri.

Built and animated in a 3D modeling program, this theme replaces the Siri microphone/ menu and contains nearly 300 frames of animation, including the Dictate function mic.

If you think that this theme will only affect your Siri mic button, think again. It will also change the weather, clock, and the speech-to-dictate mic.

And that’s not all. Neurotech Siri also includes the Ultrafuse HD battery theme, which you can see in the screenshots above. Personally, I’m not a big fan of it, but the nice thing about it is that you can choose to activate it or not via winterboard.

Neurotech Siri is a must-grab and it’s available for $1 in Cydia Store via modmyi repo…

[thx Danny]