SkyRecorder App For iOS Lets You Record Skype or Other VoIP Conversations [video]

SkyRecorder for iOS, is a new Social Networking app that allows users to easily record Skype or other VoIP conversations. Designed for users who would like to take notes during a Skype call on any iDevice, but are unable to do so, the app clearly records and saves both sides of the conversation.

With simple, one-touch operation, SkyRecorder features virtually unlimited recording time, import/export of audio, and recording restart following interruption by an incoming phone call. The app is unable to record standard, cell phone calls on the iPhone.

The purpose of SkyRecorder is to serve as a virtual notepad where none is available. The app transparently records the entire conversation, saving important names, addresses, dates, details, and data shared during a call. Playing back the recording permits the user to write down or type in key parts of the audio, converting it to text for permanent storage and recall.

Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited recording time
  • Restart recording after an interruption from an incoming cellular call on iPhone
  • Supports external stereo mic
  • Audio file export/import over USB using iTunes (.wav format only)
  • Supports any computer OS (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) to play recorded files
  • Simple user interface

SkyRecorder is compatible with all models of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and can be set to record in either of two ways. The user can just open the app, tap the large Record button and then make their call on Skype or other VoIP service. Alternatively, the user can set the Skype app to speakerphone, start the call, and then return to SkyRecorder and tap the Record button. Users should always inform the party with whom they are speaking that the call is being recorded.

The app also features automatic restart of recording after an interruption from an incoming cellular call on iPhone, support for use of an external mic, and audio file import/export over USB using iTunes. The perfect solution for “writing it down” when writing is not possible, SkyRecorder is an invaluable companion app for every iOS VoIP user. The app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Skype, Inc. or any other company.

SkyRecorder is available for $1.99 in the app store