First of all , I wanna thank all of you for your wonderful job. This was not a contest to see who is harder, better, faster or stronger ( I love Daft Punk 😛 ). I choose to present you this contest for the following reasons :

  • Well, I had to come up with a concept that would resemble a competition ( that’s why this was a “contest” )
  • Really , the answers didn’t matter. Before the contest I was thinking about it long and hard. How can I make this as easy as possible? So I thought this was the best idea. I wanted you to have fun and make it personal…. Now I may have confused you with ” make it personal ” . Well I wanted to give you the power, and customize this app, with words. And that is exactly what you did. “I want this and that, and this?!?!? U kidding that would be so cool…” Feel me? 😀

This was my best idea for the contest. And it’s a win-win situation. Pavel provided me this codes so he wins because now, he knows exactly what his users wants from this app. And you/we win because some of the features will be implemented in future releases. Now this was the history of the contest.

I said above that your comment didn’t need to be some super geeky comment . But I also said that this was ment to improve this app, for us. the users.

And some of you asked for some stuff that was already there. There already is convo style, you can find themes for mySMS on cydia (ugly ass themes, but hey if you want themes you can find them ) and all sorts of stuff. Don’t worry about it tho,  demands like that won’t disadvantage  you in any way.

My only disappointment was that I couldn’t provide the tutorial video that I promised you. Don’t worry as soon as I get it from Pavel , that badboy will be on my blog and you will learn how to take full advantage of this app.

That being said, I had fun with this contest, and I promise you this was just a start. With time I will provide you bigger and better contests.

P.S. : Pavel will announce the winners , by commenting on THIS post.

Power to the people.

much love,

murda the funky space monkey.


Since it’s Christmas time, and Pavel absolutely ROCKSSSSSS , he gave me another 3 key codes and said i should choose 3 winners . So i would have to deal with this hard work ( of choosing winners ) as well. Hard but…. i will post the winners in a couple of hours.

much love ,

murda the funky space monkey



  • Mick.
  • Tim.
  • Magnum.
  • Tony Tony Tone.
  • Sean77.
  • Texter.

The rest of you : Thank you so much for all your interest in this contest. Dont be sad! This is just the beginning. 😉

much love,

murda the funky space monkey