Motorola Droid: There Might Be A Map For That, But There’s No Sales

When are you people going to learn. There won’t be an iPhone killer any time soon. Every time a new app phone ( thx David Pogue , FSM prefers this term instead of smartphone ) is announced, everybody goes bananas and call it “the iPhone killer”. Verizon had a massive promotion for the Motorola Droid , and after the first weekend the sale numbers were in. Guess what? They couldn’t even match the old iPhone EDGE.

Judging from the stats above, the Droid is more of an Pre killer then an iPhone killer. Despite the low sales, analysts think this is pretty encouraging :

“I see the first few days as encouraging,” McKechnie said. “There seems to be pretty good demand — they’ve taken the right steps and picked a good partner with Google on the Android side.”

Personally i tend not to trust analytics and graphs , especially if they are presented by corporations. Somehow they always go up, and no matter what anybody will say, a graph that is always going up, its not accurate.

As i said before, the Droid is pretty nice gadget, but it is no iPhone killer. Especially because, of its horrible industrial design. Something that Motorola has to drastically improve.

[ Thx Andrew ]