Install0us 2.5 Has Gone Public

After some prolonged beta testing and bug fixing, Install0us 2.5 has gone public release. Go on over to to get signed up and get the repo address. You can also get lots of other news and help over there.

A quick run down here:

• Right now, install0us has NO DEPENDENCIES, the only thing required is a patched installd :
◦ You might already have installed Appsync or Installd Patch
◦ If not, you can grab Installd Patch from repository
◦ You can easily add repository to Cydia
• You should use OS 3.x (untested on 2.x)
• You don’t need to uninstall previous versions, these are two separate apps
install0us 2.5 is Installous 2 fully rewritten, with new features :
• Download manager allowing multiple download
• New webbrowser allowing to enter url
• Support of ALL filehosters, including mediafire, ifile and so on…
• Installation easier, no more tons of bugged dependencies
• New installation method, using the Apple API should work 100% for everyone who has a patched installd (no more bash script)

You will have to add your own “homepage” to what ever site it is you want to download your .ipa’s from. Google is your friend here. We aren’t going to hold your hand through all of it.

Now we in no way promote piracy, but until Apple can put in place a way for free trials to test apps from the app store, this is about the only way. If you like an app, buy it. ’nuff said. If the developers put some nasty stuff in their code to prevent tis kind of stuff from happening, it could possibly blacklist, brick or some other way mess with the operation of your device, so proceed at your own risk.

If you don’t want to sign up just to find the repo here ya go. Just add this in your sources in Cydia.