Sneak Peak: New iReb for Windows from iH8sn0w

iH8sn0w is almost done testing the new windows version of his popular software iReb (iTunes recovery error blocker) and has added the new feature of automatically adding the host IP for Saurik’s Cydia restore server. This, adding of the server IP is not as important now, as 3.1.2 is jailbroken, unlocked and signed. But in the future, to preserve to ability to jailbreak and downgrade, you will want to have your SHSH files stored some where.

And most of you have clicked the make it easy button in Cydia, and got your SHSh files already on file there. If you haven’t, do it now. Or use iReb’s bundledSHSH grabber, TinyUmbrella( by Semaphore) to get them. How ever you get them is up to you, but get them while you can.

He is still adding a couple more tweaks to it and a couple of more features to make it a little easier. And you can expect a release around the weekend. This is mainly for the iPhone 3G[S], but you should get them for the 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch also.