MiLi Pro Turns Your iPhone or iTouch Into a Video Projector

MiLi Pro is a breakthrough in iPhone and iPod accessory technology. It’s an iPhone / iPod compatible, rechargeable, micro video projector. The power of the PhoneSuit MiLi Battery has been coupled with the convenience of a portable video projector and speaker system. Watch all of your movies, video clips, podcasts and more with ease! Now you can carry your own personal movie theater with you, anywhere you travel.

Innovative Micro Projector Technology

The MiLi Pro incorporates the latest in technology, an LCOS, LED driven micro projector. This ultra-compact projector fits in the palm of your hand. It has the capability to display 640×480 high resolution images on most any viewing surface. Use the focus wheel to fine tune your image quality. Scale your iPhone’s video up to a 40 inch for screen for eye strain free, relaxed viewing.

AV (Audio / Video) Inputs

The MiLi Pro offers a variety of AV inputs. This allows you to use the projector with most input sources. iPhone and iPod compatible players can feed AV directly through their standard dock connectors. We also include two additional cables for input sources, a VGA input cable and an RCA input cable. The VGA cable allows you to connect the MiLi Pro directly to your Laptop or PC’s VGA port. The RCA cable will allow you to connect most standard AV equipment sources such as DVD players, VCR’s, etc. You can switch between the various inputs at any time with the input source button.

Integrated Speakers

We’ve included built in speakers for high quality audio output. Control the volume levels via the integrated touch panel.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

The MiLi Pro utilizes high quality lithium-polymer battery technology for its power source. The battery pack is removable and swappable. There’s one extra battery pack included with your purchase to assure you won’t lose power in the middle of your favorite movie!

Sync and Charge

Use our standard mini-USB cable to charge and sync your iPhone / iPod and MiLi Pro.

MiLi Pro Compatibility

The MiLi Pro is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G and iPod Touch.

MiLi Pro Specifications

Compatibility iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G and iPod Touch
Projector Screen Size
5-70 inches. Optimal 40 inches
Brightness 10 Lumens
Charging Time
3 Hours
Max Resolution
480P, VGA, 640×480
LED Lifetime 20,000 Hours
AV Input Sources iPhone / iPod Connector, RCA, VGA
  • Compatibility: iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G and iPod Touch
  • Projector Screen Size: 5-70 inches. Optimal 40 inches
  • Brightness: 10 Lumens
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours
  • Max Resolution: 480P, VGA, 640×480
  • LED Lifetime: 20,000 Hours
  • AV Input Sources: iPhone / iPod Connector, RCA, VGA