White iPhone 3Gs Overheats and Cover Changes Color

This story comes from someone who, like many of you, a few days ago he bought a white iPhone 3GS. The man said that, he began to test some of the new applications that require the use of GPS and, shortly the iPhone was overheated. Once back home, he realized that the white cover of the device had taken on a reddish color tending towards brown.

Contacted the following day, the customer service Apple has simply invited the consumer to return the iPhone to do a analysis by engineers. This dude, of course, explained to them that maybe they would have done this type of test prior to selling the iPhone, and that in any case, he wants another iPhone as the malfunction was not caused entirely by him. Did we misunderstood the “S” in iPhone 3GS? Does it stands for ” Super Heat”?

[via nowhereelse]