CompassF: Get iPhone 3Gs Compass on 3G/EDGE

New day, new app in Cydia: CompassF.This is a toy available in Cydia that allows you to play the iPhone 3Gs “Compass” on previous models, but of course does not incorporate the actual function of orientation, since the iPhone 3G and EDGE have no magnetometer.

The application is graphically identical to that of 3Gs, and also allows the use of geo-to determine your current location. CompassF has no real value but you can use it to trick your friends, impersonating the 3G as a 3GS.

The original Compass on 3Gs has no value as an app as well , but its amazingly valuable to developers and what they can do with it.

Once you load the app, you can tap the info button on the bottom right corner and a pop-up windows will appear telling you “This fake app”.