iTunes Seen As Malware by AVG Antivirus

If you use AVG Anti-Virus on Windows (or on a Windows VM), you might want to disable it until they send out a patch for their latest update. According to a rapidly filling Apple Support thread, the latest update flags iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll as “Trojan horse Small.BOG”. There isn’t a listing for “Trojan horse Small.BOG” on AVG’s website so the flag is somewhat strange.

If you have updated AVG to the latest version available during a local scan, your antivirus may indicate the presence of a Trojan inside the iTunes directory, viewing the file catalog iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll as Trojan horse Small.BOG

The problem, however, was found by many other people and also the Apple support forum is full of similar reports. If you use Windows, and have encountered the same problem, the only remedy while waiting for a patch for AVG , is to delete the iTunes directory from scanning.