Spotify: Monthly Subscription iPhone/iTouch App To Listen To Millions of Songs

Spotify is a free iPhone/iTouch application that allows you to listen to streaming music , through a monthly subscription of £ 9.99. The app has been sent to Apple but would it be approved?

According to some rumors,  Apple defined an “iTunes killer” for its ease of use and, understandably, for the opportunity to listen to millions of songs without limits and costs. On the other hand, is seen as a good solution for saving the world of music, trying to offer alternatives free/cheap against piracy.

The application will allow users to store and create playlists temporary stored in the iPhone and listen to the songs previously downloaded, even in the absence of a Wi-Fi or 3G. It ‘just about this feature that causes controversy and questionable approval by Apple.

Unlike Last.FM and Pandora, Spotify will not contain links to the iTunes Store to purchase songs you hear and therefore should be seen as a real competitor. In these circumstances, Apple has always tax and has never allowed the reproduction of the services offered by the same company.