Akamai Offers A Free Dedicated iPhone/iTouch Video Streaming Service

Akamai has launched a new service ( iphone.akamai.com ), dedicated exclusively to owners of iPhone and iTouch with firmware 3.0. It offers streaming of various programs and events that OnDemand Live is based on the new features of Safari, represented by streaming via HTTP.

Access to content can be performed both with 3G connection, of course, through Wifi. The introduction of adaptive streaming bitrate allows for a lower battery consumption, and at the same time, you can view videos in full screen and high quality.

At present two channels are “Live” available, one of NASA on the International Space Station (ISS), which refers to NASATV another, Fox.com Live, which deals with economic and financial topics. E ‘can also view many video “On Demand”, such as the one regarding the live presentation of the new iPhone 3GS or an episode of the series The Tudors, both channels offered by such famous NBC, CBC MTV and Nickelodeon.