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iREB 3.1.2 To Be Released Tomorrow

iH8sn0w will release tomorrow the new version of iREB 3.1.2 which suffered a few changes since the previous release, including ShSh Grabber updated for Firmware 3.1.2.If you remember, the ECID is a certificate necessary to perform the downgrade.

What’s new in iREB 3.1.2. :

  • Updated ShSh Grabber
  • Integration of Sn0wbl0wer
  • Removing the link for donations via PayPal

The main purpose of iREB is to fix iTunes error 16xx and 21. SHSH Grabber, purpose is to ensures the ability of a future downgrade The operation is simple and is clearly shown in the video below. To find out your 16 digits ECID code, you can follow this guide.

Currently iH8sn0w issued bundles to build custom 3.1.2 firmware  for iPhone 2G/ 3G. As soon as the DevTeam will release the new PwnageTool with all the other bundles, iH8sn0w might release Sn0wbreeze . iH8Sn0w wanted to port PwnageTool on Windows and he came up with this name ( Sn0wBreeze ) for the upcoming tool. The good news is that the iPhone DevTeam will release the official PwnageTool for Windows, so you can create your own custom firmwares on your PC’s and than restore your iPhone with them.