iPhone OS 3.0 Episode I: HowTo Enable Internet Tethering

1. Navigate to ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support. Notice the spaces in that last folder name! If you’re at the command line, use backslashes to escape the spaces, i.e. cd ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone\ Carrier\ Support. You will find a file with an ipcc extension.Copy that file: e.g. cp foo.ipcc foo.ipcc.original. This creates a backup if you mess up.

2. Rename the ipcc extension to zip. For me that was ATT_US.ipcc renamed to ATT_US.zip. Unzip it. This creates a new folder called Payload.

3. Navigate into Payload and then into the folder under that. Mine was called ATT_US.bundle. Yours will differ. Inside that folder you will find three files that you will edit: Info.plist, version.plist, and carrier.plist. Open all three.

4. In Info.plist, change the CFBundleVersion to 5.0. Save.

5. In the version.plist, change the CFBundleVersion to 5.0. Save.

6. In carrier.plist do the following and then save:

  • Add a new dictionary to the apns array:
  • apn = internet
    password = password
    username = iphone

  • In the wap dictionary (mine is wap.cingular, sts’s was wap.dol.ie), add a new pair.
    Do not edit the password or username: type-mask = (NUMBER) -2
  • Add a new pair at the top level dictionary of the carrier.plist file. (We’re not
    sure this is strictly speaking necessary but go ahead and do it.): AllowEDGEEditing

7. Zip up the Payload folder in which you just made your edits. Rename it to the same name as the original ipcc file. (For me that was ATT_US.ipcc).

8. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

9. In the Summary tab, option-click “Check for Update”. Navigate to your ipcc file, select it. It takes no more than a second or two to update.

10. Reboot your iPhone.

11. In prefs (on the phone) navigate to Settings > General > Network.

12. Turn on tethering!

props to wgm214

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