iPhone OS 3.0 Episode II: HowTo enable Video-Recording Interface on iPhone 2G/3G

Are you using the iPhone OS 3.0 but missing the Video-Recording Interface? Why dont you enable it using this easy tutorial?

  • SSH into your iphone
  • Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app/
  • Download the file M68AP.plist
  • Open the file using a text editor or a plist editor
  • Add a Boolean value under the capabilities dictionary
  • Boolean Key = video-camera / Boolean Value = true
  • Save and upload the file to the same directory that it was originally in
  • Go onto the iPhone and respring
  • Done! You now have access to the camcorder interface, but beware, the interface is slow and once you have done these instructions you will not be able to take regular photos.

props to wgm214

NOTE: sadly it will just enable the interface. its just a novelty, as it doesn’t allow you to take videos and it once enabled you can’t even take normal pictures.

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