iPhone FW 3.1.3 Can Be Released Any Day Now! FW 4.0 On Its Way…

Lately we can find plenty of web stories about a new iPhone, a new FW and all that jazz. But how can we know for sure? Well , we can now, because Boy Genius Report , by analyzing their website logs, found some very interesting data that reveals theres a new firmware ( 3.1.3 ) and also a FW 4.0

Don’t get too excited about FW 3.1.3 because it should be ( most definitely will be ) just a minor update but what is interesting about it, is that it seems that Apple can release it any day now. Firmware 4.0 on the other hand, will follow the usual FW release course , and it will be released to private beta developers around Marc 2010, than it will be officially released in July. Also we will see a 4th gen iPhone. But we don’t know ( and can’t even tell from that screenshot ) any details about the new iPhone. BoyGenius, pretty much didn’t say nothing beside what the screenshot tells us, and we are not sure if a prototype for the 4th gen iPhone even exists yet. So pretty much is impossible to even know what the screen size might be.

One thing is for sure: Apple is working on some new stuff, and let’s just hope they will crush it again , because they got some serious competition, and even more competition coming their way.