ProSwitcher: First Look At The New Multitasking Interface For iPhone and iPod Touch

So we showed you the pre pre review of ProSwitcher back when it was goimg to be called PreSwitcher. Since then we have gotten involved in the private beta testing of this app. Let’s have a look.

The interface is very polished. Lots of thought have gone into the design and useage. This is very apparent in the preference settings. The ability to change the rounded corners of the preview? Nice touch. Pinches, taps, it’s all there. If you don’t like the looks of the x in the top left corner dismissing a backgrounded app is as easy as a verticle swipe just like on the Palm Pre. Even though this is still beta, they have really got this pretty polished, even memory usage is under control, releasing after you close it out. All in all this is the first multitasking app that gets it just right. Check out the video for a quick walk thru.