HOW TO: Auto Install .deb Files On Your iPhone And iTouch

Back in the days we showed you how to install and remove .deb files manually. To do this, you need to know how to SSH and how to use MobileTerminal. Well there is an easy way, and it was pointed to us by one of our site’s friends that we didn’t write about it. Because we focused on other things, and ( i know this will sound crazy ) for me is easier to type the command in the terminal, well.. we just didn’t write about it. Better late than never, some may say, so let’s see how to auto install a .deb file.


  • jailbroken iDevice
  • know how to SSH

How to do it

  • Load your SSH client ( Cyberduck for Mac, WinSCP for Windows )
  • Browse to /var/root/Media/
  • Create a new folder called Cydia and inside that folder a folder called AutoInstall ( make sure you create the folders exactly as you read them here. This is case-sensitive. )
  • Now copy any .deb file you might have inside the AutoInstall folder , than reboot AND respring your iDevice.

Here’s a great video of the entire process, if something didn’t spark with the written part

How to undo it

The easiest way is via Cydia. In fact, the app is installed just like any apps you normally download and install via Cydia. You therefore can also use Cydia to check for its updates too, for instance.

[ thx Jeremy ]