iPhone To Get 720p Video Playback And Recording?

Since the new iPhone 3.2 SDK is out everybody is hunting for hints on what the next generation iDevices will bring us. So far we got the code name of the next gen iPhone , possible new syncing support with iPhone OS 3.2 ( not in the SDK ) , and now it seems that the next gen iPhone might also get 720p video playback and probably recording.

The MediaValidator preferences list file for the now allows videos as wide as 1280 pixels and a total 921,000 pixel count, or enough to match the 1280×720 resolution of 720p. It similarly recognizes the AVC 3.1 codec profile necessary to allow 720p footage.

Another speculation of such a feature is the rumor that the iPhone will get a 5MP camera with the next update. Getting a higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean that it will capture HD, but it certainly help with the resolution and the backend image processing to improve encoding and decoding video.

HD is already poised to be a staple of Apple’s handhelds this year as the iPad can already play 720p videos. The company isn’t the first, as phones like Samsung’s i8910 (Omnia HD) and several others could play and in some cases record 720p, albeit usually at low bitrates.

[via Engadget]