New Official iPhone Syncing Support To Come With OS 3.2?

USB syncing was a problem for developers from the beginning because the current iPhone SDK does not contain official API for USB syncing apps. But rules are made to be broken, and developers found a way around this issue. They used iPhone’s DCIM folder to drop their files and private APIs to allow desktop apps to access iPhone’s contents.

Because of that, Apple is asking developers to temporary remove the USB syncing capabilities from their apps. iPhone SDK 3.2 beta is featuring APIs for accessing an on-device shared storage folder, which will allows an iPhone to be mounted as a readable and writable disk when plugged into a computer through USB.

This can only mean that Apple will release new syncing support in March, and you might not want to upgrade any apps that use the DCIM method of USB syncing ( i.e Stanza ) , until iPhone OS 3.2 is released to the masses .

[via CoM]