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iHome For Dummies

iHome is amazing. You can do things so much faster just by swaping your fingers across the screen.But since this is new, and most of us got so used with just “one way swap” on the iPhone and iPod Touch this can be confusing at first. Not just confusing, but , untill you get used to iHome, its easy to forget all the swipe actions for all the commands .

But don’t worry. Rupert Gee made a iHome for Dummies , that you can find in Cydia and use it with Winterboard.Basically its a WinterBoard Add-on Dock that shows you the different commands right there in the Dock for your quick reference!

So for instance if you want to lock your device, you would look for the “Lock” command and seeing its background is in red color, find the corresponding red arrow and simply execute a long right swipe!

For the “Quit” and “Home” commands, you will notice they are on a big amber colored background; they only work within a running app and not while you’re at the SpringBoard.

You can carry out the rest of the commands anywhere.

Finally, did you noticed the blue camera lens with a “5″ in it? That’s to take a screen shot by holding steady for 5 (or more) seconds.

NOTE : After installing via Cydia, you will launch WinterBoard to enable it. Be sure to arrange and position it above your current theme.


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