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QuickSMS – A Must Have SMS App For iPhone

Rise up this morning, smiled with the rising sun let my speakers play some nice morning beats and when i was about to have my morning cigarette and coffee ( coke – i dont drink coffee, hate it, hate everything thats gots coffee in it ) my good friend Pavel Egorkian from iSoftcom just emailed me and told me about the new app that they got going on.

The app is called QuickSMS and i got just one word for it : WOW. Basically its everything you want in a sms client and thats not even the best part. The best part is that it has no icon on your springboard and its nowhere to be found ( except if you SSH and you look for the files ).

So , i’ve installed the app, and restarted my springboard. A pop-up screen … well, popped up and it told me to register the app or retrieve a demo license for it. When all that was done,  i was looking for the damn app on my springboard. But there was no icon, nothing. Rebuilded my cache still nothing.

So how to access the app and check it out? Anybody got any ideas? You press the volume up button and QuickSMS app appears in a smooth transition on your screen. Even tho , the app it’s still in beta , i can say this is A MUST HAVE APP.

You can think of this app as an desktop Adobe Air app ( is this too much?!?! ) and since is has such a behavior it is impossible to take screen shots of it. Well it is not impossible, i can use ssh and putty and everything and get the job done , but it’s worthless. You MUST install this app and try it for yourself. You will love it.

The app costs €9.99, thats about $13. But dont you worry about that. You know i got your back every time, right? I will have a new contest soon, where you can win keys to register QuickSMS. Real soon ( i got the keys already, but didnt think about the contest yet! )

Short list of features:
  • Instant loading
  • Run by hotkey (Volume Up, Volume Down)
  • Send delayed messages
  • Forward any message you want
  • Modified keyboard, its best keyboard for iPhone ever.
  • Set password on running
  • Answer with quotation
  • Use our message templates or create your own
  • Save your message to notes or send your notes
  • Send any message by Email
  • Smiles. Many smiles!

Coming soon:

  • Landscape mode
  • Send compressed text (up to 2x text compression! 200 symbols instead 160 and 140 instead 80 in unicode mode!)