iHome – The Power of iPhone’s Touchscreen

New day, new app in Cydia. It’s called iHome and it lets you use the iPhone without the Home Button. Not really explanatory huh? Well , don’t worry, read what you can do with it, watch the video below and than download the app and play with it. At first it will be weird, but once you get used to it’s functions, theres a possibility not to use the home button again.

How to get it?

  • load Cydia
  • click on changes or search for iHome
  • install it

Instructions :

  • Short-range sliding to the left : non-edit mode, scroll the first page, edit the status of cancel edit!
  • Left long slide : ipod playing out ipod controls
  • The right short range sliding : open dialog box for power and respiring etc..
  • The right long slide : lock the phone
  • Long by 5 Seconds will take a screen shot


HowTo : Use iHome on iPhone and iPod Touch

iHome For Dummies

iHome Concept UI