HowTo : Use iHome on iPhone and iPod Touch

What is iHome? It’s virtual buttons! Big deal, you say? Well, everybody knows one of the weakest part of our device is the flimsy Home button, and to some extend, awkward activation of the Power button (especially when hindered by a protective but thick casing.) A virtual replacement will reduce the wear and tear, and for some users with broken buttons, revives their devices!

So I recommend everyone to install iHome. Yes, everyone! And that includes you, Steve Jobs. iHome is so good its functionality should be build-in!

The author has a Chinese language instructions. So, here’s my howtos for you.

The iHome Bar is the long yellow strip on the bottom of the screen (refer above pic.) You will rest your finger on it to activate iHome.

Short Left Swipe = Swipe iHome Bar from “Videos” to “Artists”
Short Right Swipe = Reverse of above

Long Left Swipe = Swipe iHome Bar from “More” to “Playlists”
Long Right Swipe = Reverse of above

TIP: When swipping, make sure the iHome Bar lit up in yellow first indicating it is accepting your input.

At the SpringBoard and in an App
Short Right Swipe = Activate Power Options
Long Right Swipe = Lock device
Press and Hold iHome Bar for 5 (or more) seconds = Release hold to take a screenshot
At the SpringBoard
Short Left Swipe = Scroll back to first page
Long Left Swipe = Activate iPod Control if iPod is playing
In an App
Short Left Swipe = Activate Virtual Home button
Long Left Swipe = Quit Application

It’s pretty simple actually. Just remember that a right swipe is for power functions, while a left swipe activates the Home button!

What are you waiting for? Launch Cydia, search foriHome”, and install this killer app. It’s Made in China but works world-wide.

Oh, if you wish to write to the author but you no speak Chinese, I’d be happy to write to him on your behalf. Just leave your questions in the comment area below.

One more oh… you still need the physical buttons to unlock a sleeping device.

Minor quirk: I tended to accidentally activate iHome while I tap the SPACE key when writing an email. Afterall, part of the bottom of the SPACE bar is now the iHome Bar. Fortunately after writing one email I learnt to use the SPACE key by tapping it above the iHome bar area. Before that, I kept wondering why the SPACE character wasn’t working.

Thanks to RupertGee