iH8sn0w: iPhone 3Gs Downgrade from Firmware 3.1 to 3.0 Possible

The other day, FSMdotCOM offered some info on iPhone firmware 3.1 jailbreak on iPhone 3Gs. Apparently iH8sn0w managed to find a way to provide the ECID for all users who have not had time to save him. This will downgrade your iPhone firmware 3Gs from 3.1 to 3.0 and it will allow you to jailbreak.

NOTE: this info is ONLY for iPhone 3Gs users that upgraded to iPhone firmware 3.1 and want to downgrade, get their certificate and jailbreak their phones.

What you need to do:

  1. Find your ECID (a 16 digit number ). You can do this by using this tutorial
  2. Once you have the number, go to purplera1n.com and copy-paste the figure in the black box found below the Apple logo and Microsoft and press Enter
  3. You will download a file that you will send via email to this address: ih8sn0wydaz@gmail.com
  4. You just need to wait for the response from ih8sn0w that will re-create the IBSS and IBEC files for you and the signed certificate.

Some users said that purplera1n.com just wont work for them. What can you do, if the site wont work for you? Simple:

  1. Get IBEC & IBSS Grabber and use it while you doing a restore of the iPhone Firmware 3.1
  2. When the restoration is complete you will end up with two files stored on your computer and you send them to this email address: ih8sn0wydaz@gmail.com

Within minutes you should receive back those 2 files, including digital signature that will allow you to downgrade and jailbreak when the DevTeam will release the new Tool.

NOTE: iPhone EDGE, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs on FW 3.0 users , this tutorial IS NOT FOR YOU. DON’T DO NOTHING IN THIS TUTORIAL.

Thanx Fabrizio and Andrea.

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