iH8sn0w: Jailbreak For iPhone Firmware 3.1 Beta

Apple released iPhone firmware beta 3 a week ago for developers. But im sure that some of you already grabbed it from here ( 3G and 3Gs ) . You probably installed it on your iPhones, and now what?

You might want to jailbreak it right? Well there is a solution: iH8sn0w . Woahhh , hold your horses. First of all, iPhone firmware 3.1 beta x will upgrade your baseband, so you have to think twice if you want it on your iPhone or not.

If you have a unlocked iPhone, you probably dont want to mess with this firmware yet. Second of all, this is not tool has nothing to do with the iPhone DevTeam. Which means is not a official trusted tool, and who knows how stable it is.

I would suggest not to mess with the tool, BUT if you have an extra iPhone, maybe one that you test things all the time with, i really encourage you to do this and it would be great if you can let us know how it goes.

NOTE1: : this tool is for iPhone firmware 3.1 Beta 2 , do not use with beta 3.
NOTE2: one thing i failed to mention here, is that this tool is useless right now, because 3.1 beta 2 expired. If you are interested at all in testing this tool, you should keep an eye on the download page and see if they update it for upcoming beta versions. Thx Dr Puttingham

[via pimpvilledeli ]