IBEC & IBSS Grabber: New Utility To Save iPhone 3Gs Certificates ( Windows )

difrnt, has released a new application called “IBEC & IBSS Grabber”.

As you can guess from the name, the purpose of this software is to get the two folders in the temporary files in such a way as to preserve the Jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs.

This application is Windows only and can be downloaded by clicking here.

To understand fully the usefulness of the IBSS file IBEC and you can read this article.

How To Use:

  1. Start the application and click on the button corresponding to “Save Location”.
  2. Select the “Pwnage” that you created on your desktop
  3. Click on Start Watching and run the two reversals as shown here. It ‘important to leave open the utility during the restoration.