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iDownload for iPhone and iPod Touch

Short version : this could be consider a download plugin for MobileSafari.Than again , not really! Why? First of all it is a stand alone app, and second of all you can upload the downloaded files from your device to your computer and vice-versa.

What do you need :

  • iDownload app – download from megaupload ( or buy it from the appstore for $0.99 here . in that case you dont need a jailbroken device )
  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch
  • WiFi

Now let’s begin the HowTo and get you started and more productive. This is easy , straight forward and painless , so don’t sweat about it.

Once you loaded the app you will need to insert the exact link to the file you want to download or you can just use the mini browser to navigate to the webpage and click any download link that iDownload should be able to track it ( .mp3, .avi, .png, .jpg any file you want ). Once you get on the download page you need to click save. Now a pop-up window will come up and you have 3 options.

  • Download Now – automatically downloads the file
  • Queue Download – it will save the location of the file and you can download it later
  • Cancel – really!??!?! you need me to explain this?

Thats pretty much about the download part of this app. Now once you downloaded all this cool pics and music and all sorts of files, how to get them to your computer? Via SSH, right? Wrong!!!

This app lets you access the files from your computer and you can download them to your computer w/out SSH. And if thats not enough, you can also upload files form your computer back to your device.

How to do that? Tap the SHARE button and there you will need to turn ON ” Share files ” and ” Enable Uploads “. Once you did that, you fire up your browser on your computer and type the ip address with the port 8080. ( i.e. ). Now don’t go all crazy about this. You dont need to know your ip adress or remember it or stuff like that. This app will give you the exact address that you need to type in your browser.

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One thing that this app is missing , is the ability to play or let you view the files that you download. If it would let you view the photos/videos that you download or listen to the music that you download, this is would be a 100% killer app. But this is mos def. in my top 10 list.