Boost Your iPhone/iPod’s Settings W/ Supreme Preferences

Boost your iPhone/Touch prefferences with this … well…. addon.You can get it from Cydia but, you will need to activate it with winterboard. So let me make myself clear. Download it from cydia, than load winterboard and select it. The springboard will respring and now you will see the icon above instead the normal preferences icon. That means that supreme preferences are activated.

Once you load the supreme preferences, you will notice a new section there ( supreme preferences ) where the majority of the new features are, but it will add some new features among the usual settings. ( note : this will not overwrite your old preferences or something like that. it just adds new stuff )

Let’s take it one by one and see what this badboy is offering us , shall we?

General Settings :

  • Auto-Dim – choose the time that you want your screen to stay on before it starts to dim ( never to 10 minutes ).
  • Touch Sensitivity – change touch screen sensitivity of your iPhone/ iPod ( 0.0 to 16.0 – really dont go to low, it will be a pain in the ass ) .

iTunes :

  • option to turn on/off Save Password.

Now thats about it. This is all the boost that the old settings gets. Now the rest of them are found in the Supreme Settings :

iPod :

  • On-The-Go & Genius : ON/OFF.
  • shuffle by songs or by album.

Calendar :

  • choose when the day starts and ends ( cant get it to work ).

SpringBoard :

  • Show Internal Apps – ON/OFF.
  • Show YouTube – On/OFF.
  • App Reveal Mode – ON/OFF.
  • none of this features work – at least i couldnt get them to work. let me know if somebody can.

The rest of the features that Supreme Preferences offers , you can pretty much can get with other cydia apps like MakeItMine and SBSettings ( BossPref )

Status Bar :

  • Fake Time – change the time to what ever you enter into the Fake Time String section or, you can choose from a few prefabbed phrases using the Fake Time Shortcuts option.
  • Fake Carrier – same thing you can do with Fake Time

Numeric Battery :

  • ON/OFF – if its on, tap the battery to show you from 0-100 how much battery you got left. Tap it again and it will go back to visual mode ( i think i can call it visual mode 😛 )

Numeric Wi-Fi :

  • ON/OFF – same thing as numeric battery

Do you / Will you enjoy this? I know i do. Let me know what you think.