Flash Finally on iPhone and iPod Touch?

Remember my post on how to boost MobileSafari?Well if you do, than you remember that there was a plugin that gave you the ability to view flash videos on webpages and eliminates that stinky missing plugin icon.Well this is something similar.

I bet you want me to answer some questions for you. Well let’s do that :

Q : What is it called?

A : iMobileCinema

Q : Is it a flash player?

A : Hell no!

Q : Is it better?

A : Not yet.

Q: Works with .swf?

A: Nope

Q: What about .flv?

A : Well it has to work with something , right?

Q : If i already have this feature from the addons pack that you showed me in the previous post, why do i need this? It’s exactly the same, really do u have some new stuff for me or not?

A : Yep. Well you might not want this right now, but according to their blog , in the near future you will get this :

Some live broadcast sites are using rtmp protocol to deliver videos, e.g., mtv.com, hulu.com. We’ll try to support the protocol later. And playing embedded mp3, like singsbox.com, is a good idea and we’ll try to support it too.

Q : Oh wow, that’s cool! OK , OK, how can i get this?

A : Well , like all good stuff that are happening to the iPhone and/or iPod Touch , you can get this thru Cydia. First you need to add this source : http://d.imobilecinema.com , than you just search for iMobileCinema and install the package.

Q : Anything else that i should be aware about?

A : Hmm… not really. But you might wanna check out iMobileCinema’s Blog