HowTo: Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs With purplera1n [Windows]

ATTENTION: also read HowTo: Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs With purplera1n [Mac]

purplera1n is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit. Purplera1n to start on Vista, you must click on the file purplera1n.exe with the right mouse button and choose the option “Run as administrator”. Versions for Mac and Windows 7 will be released, most likely next Monday.

  1. This type of jailbreak has some problems so it is advisable to wait for the programs of the DevTeam. It seems, in fact, that Geohot made available purplera1n to entice a team of hackers to release their tools before firmware 3.1.
  2. With purplera1n may happen that the iPhone is put into Recovery Mode and that the jailbreak is not done properly.
  3. The jailbreak of purplera1n appears incomplete. Some patches are not present and for this reason some applications like Winterboard, will not work.

The procedure for jailbreaking iPhone 3Gs with purplera1n is pretty simple: just, in fact, start the program, click a few buttons, wait, and finally click on the Freeze, which will appear on Springboard, to install Cydia.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs with purplera1n :

You need:

  • iTunes
  • purplera1n
  • firmware 3.0 installed on your iPhone

Step 1

Connect the iPhone to your computer.

Step 2

Quit iTunes (make sure it remains closed throughout the jailbreak)

Step 3

Start purplera1n

Step 4

Click on the button “make it ra1n”

Step 5

The iPhone will restart in Recovery Mode and the image below will appear on the screen of the device:

If, instead of the picture above, you’ll get the screen with the cable and iTunes, wait 1 minute. If the screen remains the same, than something did not work and you must repeat the procedure from the beginning.

Step 6

After a few minutes, the iPhone will restart and the Springboard is a new application called Freeze:

Step 7

Make sure the iPhone is connected to the internet. Make a tap on the Freeze

Step 8

Make a tap on “Install Cydia” and wait for the download and execution of it

Step 9

Once you Cydia install will be completed, close Freeze and reboot the iPhone

Step 10

Open Cydia and wait for the automatic reorganization of applications. Afterwards, install the essential updates that Cydia offers

How To Remove the Freeze Icon From The Springboard

Step 1

Load Cydia and tap on search. Search for Cydelete and install

Step 2

Enter Settings> Cydelete and enable the “Non-Cydia Deletion”

Step 3

After respring, do a long tap on the Freeze. As soon as it starts to vibrate, click the “x” and then on “Delete”


1.If purplera1n crash after pressing the button “make it ra1n”, press “Windows + r”, type “services.msc” and hit the Enter key. Subsequently identify the service Apple Mobile Device, click with right mouse button and then “Start”. Restart purplera1n.

2.If purplera1n freezes during “done, wait for reboot” the problem could be Vista. Use Windows XP 32bit. Make sure you have installed iTunes

3. Windows XP. puplera1n may not work with operating systems that use a language other than English. If you experience crash problems the program, this is the procedure to follow:

  • Copy the file iTunesMobileDevice.dll found in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ bin
  • Create the following path C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ bin in which, subsequently, you will need to paste the previously copied files iTunesMobileDevice.dll
  • If you do not find the file iTunesMobileDevice.dll, you can download it from here
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