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HOTTRIXPHONE for iPhone from FunkySpaceMonkey on Vimeo.

From Hottrix, infamous creators of iBeer, comes your ticket to the A list. Receive calls from celebritites, movie stars, world leaders, and the hottie from the coffee shop…

HottrixPhone is the world’s first professional self-call-robot for the iPhone and iPod touch. Originally created 10 years ago for the film and stage industry it can be yours today.

Works right out of the box with our 5 hilarious callers. Add as many as you like.Use anybody from your own address book, set their voice, ringtone and they’ll “call you” at predefined times and intervals. Not just one of them but all in a row up to your liking.The ingenious caller playlist guarantees non-stop fake calls and hours of fun.

HottrixPhone’s sensational stealth trigger starts multiple timed calls with ONE tap. No fiddling – No menus.

The perfect tool to end meetings and shake off losers while looking busy and popular. “GottaGo, GottaDash, OutaHere!” It’s your personal EscapeCall, Rescue Call, Fake Call and Call Me Back Machine.

After all: Who can stick around after receiving a call from the President, your boss, and Elvis Presley?

– Works instantly – No configuring necessary
– Very easy to use
– Professional Self-Call-Simulation
– Built-in Voices and iPhone Ringtones
– Authentic iPhone interface
– Intuitive Caller Playlist with Address Book Support
– Stealth Triggers
– One-Tap Initiation
– Unlimited Callers and Times
– Auto-Sleep & Wake-Up Screen for optimal battery life and unrivaled authenticity
– Inconspicuous icon and app name
– Consistent iPhone screens for supervised hands-free operation before, during, and after calls.
– Auto-Save for ultimate reliability

Buy this app via iTunes for $2.99 here

Download .ipa file from here or here