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Google Releasing New Google Voice HTML5 Powered WebApp For iPhone

Last month we talked about the guys VoiceCentral who said they are going to release Google Voice for the iPhone, under the code name Black Swan. But it seems that Google is not waiting for somebody else to exploit their services and they are releasing their own HTML5 powered Google Voice webapp for the iPhone.  This way, Google is also bypassing the appstore restrictions.

If you don’t remember , or you are not familiar with the service, Google Voice allows users to make cheap long-distance calls and to forward calls from a single phone number to multiple phones, among other things.

Back in July of last year, Apple rejected Google Voice as a native iPhone app,a move that made the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to request more information from both firms on the matter. Apple then claimed the app hadn’t been rejected, but was under review. Since then competition between the two tech giants has intensified. Also, in August Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s board of directors.

The new version is a webapp that can be accessed using MobileSafari at this address: It allows users to listen to voice mails directly from within the browser and to dial phone numbers using an on-screen keypad.