Black Swan: Google Voice Is Coming Back To The iPhone

I bet you remember all the fuss from this summer when Apple rejected all the Google Voice apps from the Appstore. Yeah it was a mess, Apple mass rejected apps, users were furious and the FCC was not too happy about it either. Well VoiceCentral ( they got their app rejected by Apple ) is bringing Google Voice back to the iPhone via MobileSafari. Code name: Black Swan.

Although the app is completely running in MobileSafari, it has the look and feel of an actual iPhone app and it comes with a dialer, list of transcribed voicemails, and SMS messages. This (probably) will be a paid service and you can get on the waiting list for private beta testing here.

This kinda makes you wonder why devs are going through all that trouble with the appstore? Will this be a wakeup call for Apple? Maybe this is the future of mobile apps…

Thanks iPhoneN1nj@ via widget