Android Lock: Android Style Passcode Lock

Not to long ago, someone asked, “can the iPhone have the same unlock screen as the android phones? You know, the kind where you connect the dots to unlock.” Well, ask and you shall receive.

A new tweak, for jailbroken devices, in Cydia, does just that. From Zmaster and the BigBoss repo comes Android Lock. Just install the package, and then go to Settings/AndroidLock and draw in your pattern. Make sure, if you already have a lockscreen passcode set, that you disable it first. Unless you want a redundant passcode for extra security.

And as with any passcode, don’t forget how you connected the dots, it may not be easy to undo. I actually had to re-watch our video to remember mine. You may not be so lucky. I won’t go into detail on how to by-pass this, but any savvy person, has probably figured it out. So keep your device in your site at all times.