Giveaway: 3G Unrestrictor 5 for iPhone and iPad

Unless you are brand new to the jailbreak “scene”, you have more then likely heard of a little tweak called “3G Unrestrictor“. This tweak, removes that annoying requirement of wifi that our carriers have forced upon us, and allows for true freedom of data use. Everyone knows of it or one of its copycat brothers, but what you might not know is that the dev has released a pretty stout update for iOS 5.

The new update is more then just a new icon. It’s a complete rewrite with app specific optimization tools an settings! Currently the only one I have found to have anything worth while in the settings field is YouTube. It allows you I set vid quality preferences, and even has a sbsettings toggle for those times when 3G just can’t handle that HD video. Additionally it also includes optimizations for now iOS 5 system functions like iCloud backup, Photo Stream, and updates.

Personally, I have been using this one since Absinth dropped, and in my opinion, it’s more then worth the money. It works so quietly that you never know its there, just as it should.

Now, normally at this point we would tell you how much is costs, and tell you to go buy it on Cydia ( you really should, it’s great)… But today we have something special. The dev of this fine app has seen fit to bestow on us FIVE paid licenses to give to you people. As there are ALOT more then five of you (or at least we like to think so), we will be giving them away in the most fair way we know how… A contest!

Here are the rules:

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NOTE: All the steps above are mandatory ( and yes, we will take time to check if you did everything )

NOTE: Winners will be announced tomorrow, Sunday February 19th via a DM on Twitter

NOTE: We will pick up winners with the help of So you don’t need to go out of your way for this, just stick to the 3 simple steps above. It’s all about equality, not ass kissing, nepotism and so on…

Good luck! And remember, in the likely event you don’t win, it’s available on sale NOW in Cydia. Throw the dev some love, it’s worth it.