GeoHot Announced Untethered Jailbreaking Tool For iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch, And Possibly The iPad

GeoHot has recently written a new article on his blog, and posted a new video, ensuring us that soon there will be a new tool that will be able to perform an untethered jailbreak on all iDevices with the new iBoot ( possibly including the iPad )

The video shows you GeoHot, jailbreaking an iTouch 3G, and with this video, George is following MuscleNerd’s “video guide”. In case you didn’t know, MuscleNerd created a guide, to be used by any hacker, that proves the authenticity of the hack:

  1. Unobscured ipod Touch 3G (“ipt3g”) in full view at all times resting on a table with nothing connected except earbuds
  2. Show “Voice Control” app working
  3. Reboot ipt3g using keypresses
  4. When ipt3g comes back, install a Winterboard theme that changes your homescreen background. To make the video even shorter, already have this theme installed and just show it still working after the reboot, with your non-black homescreen background (what shows up behind your app icons).

Find the complete guide on wikee.iphwn.