FSMdotCOM Massive Christmas Giveaway Contest

Christmas is just around the corner and we contacted a couple of our friends in the space to hook you guys up with some goodies for your iPhones and iTouches.

What can you win? ( no particular order )

Pushme.to iPhone and iTouch app (iTunes link)

Pushme.to is the free instant messaging service from web to iPhone/iPod Touch and between registered users.Now you can receive free instant messages from anyone, delivered like an sms, even if they don’t have an iPhone.You can also use Pushme.to to send free instant messages to your friends with iPhones, without any per message or international charges.

It takes seconds to send a  free message to an iPhone  or iPod Touch:

  • directly from the address book of your iPhone if you have the application
  • typing your message at http://pushme.to/nickname. No registration is  required for sending and it’s free.


  • No charges per message, international or not
  • Super fast sending and instant delivery (on the screen, like an sms)
  • No need to reveal your phone number or email
  • Read and write messages online using your computer or iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Get a cool pushme.to/name link to put on your blog or website

Dice Pile iPhone and iTouch Game (iTunes link )

MistleYo! iPhone and iTouch app (iTunes link)

So the holidays are right around the corner, and nothing says Christmas party like some sweet smooches under the mistletoe. But what to do If you show up to that holiday party, work function, random place, and you see someone, who you definetly want to get some smooches from? And there’s no mistletoe in site? Just fire up your trusty iPhone/iPod touch and the mistleYo! App, give it a shake and hold over your head and get those smooches you need. Hubba hubba.

PayUpSucker! iPhone and iTouch app ( iTunes link )

Owe somebody big? Like I mean really big. They owe you something big? And I don’t mean money…I mean something big like a favor, or a poke in the ribs, or maybe just a hug, or…..maybe money.Then this is all you need to remind them. You can quickly make an I.O.U or an U.O.Me and show it to them or save it an send it as an e-mail MMS or post it on your social network site. The note will be in your camera roll to do with as you please

LogMeIn Ignition iPhone and iTouch app (iTunes link )

QuickWidgets Cydia app

This app is actually free, but to get the real cool widgets you will need to buy some apps like qSMS Secure, qBirthday and qCalendar. That is what you will actually win.

biteSMS Cydia app + biteSMS credits

biteSMS is the best alternative to the built-in messaging app on your iPhone.biteSMS comes with lots of extra features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose/Quick Call, Privacy, a character/SMS counter and much more!

You can use biteSMS as a replacement to the built-in Messaging application, and send messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do. Or, if your mobile carrier charges a lot for sending SMS messages (say texting to overseas), you can buy credits and send them via the biteSMS network instead, which can be much cheaper.

OverBoard Cydia app

Multifl0w RockApp app *New

My New iPhone: 52 Simple Projects to Get You Started (Paperback) (our review)

This is a massive 500 pages book perfect for people who just bought their iPhone or iTouch. Wallace Wang’s ( author ) approach to the book is much more practical because by the end of each project you learn something about your iPhone and how to actually use it. At the end of each section the author suggests related iPhone apps from the App Store that can extend your iPhone’s functionality even further. This way you’ll get introduced to the wonderful world of the appstore as well. ( NO Jailbreking )

Who and what?

1st and 2nd Place

  • Pushme.to
  • Dice Pile
  • MistleYo!
  • PayUpSucker!
  • LogMeIn Ignition
  • QuickWidgets
  • biteSMS + 35 credits
  • OverBoard
  • My New iPhone: 52 Simpel Projects To Get You Started
  • Multifl0w *New

3rd Place

  • LogMeIn
  • biteSMS+35 credits
  • Dice Pile
  • MistleYo!
  • PayUpSucker!
  • Multifl0w *New

4th Place

  • Dice Pile
  • MistleYo!
  • PayUpSucker!

5th , 6th, 7th…. Place

  • we still have a few promo codes lying around. We will give every single promo code to you guys.

How To Win?

Follow me ( @murdaFSM ) and Zeke ( @vonswankoFSM ) on twitter, send this tweet as often as possible

RT @murdaFSM MASSIVE Christmas Giveaway http://bit.ly/8B6UL1 #FSMdotCOM #iPhone

and comment on this post.

Rules and Info

  • The contest starts today ( 17.12.2009 ) and ends Thursday ( 24.12.2009 ). During this time you can RT as much as possible.
  • On the 25th , we will announce the winners on this article.
  • We will contact you via a Direct Message on Twitter, asking for your correct e-mail address.
  • If we contact you, and you don’t reply in max 2 days, the prize will go to the next person in queue.

NOTE: Because of the holidays, No Starch Press offices are closed. My New iPhone book, will be shipped to you ( worldwide ) on January 4th.

NOTE: We are giving away credits for biteSMS. IF you have an unlimited data plan, and you have no use for this credits , please let us know so we will give them to somebody who needs them. Sharing is caring…


1st Place


2nd Place


3th Place


4th Place


NOTE: @SQR47 ( previous 2nd place winner ) was kind enough to pass the prize along, because he only wanted MultiFl0w, but not he prefers ProSwitcher. So, @Kalakoi you should thank him for the nice gesture. Talking about the Christmas spirit huh? 🙂