My New iPhone: 52 Projects For Every iPhone User ( Free Sample Chapter )

We’ve spent almost 1500 articles to provide you with the latest info, tips, tricks and tutorial in order for you to use the iPhone to it’s full potential and not like some random cell phone from 2004.

Based on all the feedback we get from you guys, it seems that we’re doing a good job, but the downside ( for some people ) is that the level of iPhone knowledge might be too advanced. So what happens to the new iPhone users, or even the semi-advanced users. Do you remember when you bought your first iPhone?

You got a pretty box, a bunch of cables and a shiny new iPhone. You paid for the phone and for the voice and data plan and pretty much you didnt know how to work with it. I mean sure, you knew how to work with the email, notes and all the basic apps. But pretty much that was it and you had to learn how to “play” with the device.

Apple’s official user guide to the iPhone, is a single sheet fold out called Finger Tips – not really helping. Fortunately there are people like No Starch Press that published a massive 500 pages book which will teach you all you need to know about your iPhone and iTouch. The book is called : My New iPhone: 52 Simple Projects to Get You Started

Now don’t get scared about the 500 pages , this is meant to be interactive and not a boring manual where you can read all the features and options of the device. You can think of this book as a fun little project you you can do with your iPhone or iTouch. As the title says there are 52 projects , if if you will do one project a week , than you’ll get 1 year of fun.

Wallace Wang’s ( author ) approach to the book is much more practical because by the end of each project you learn something about your iPhone and how to actually use it. At the end of each section the author suggests related iPhone apps from the App Store that can extend your iPhone’s functionality even further. This way you’ll get introduced to the wonderful world of the appstore as well.

The book is pretty much up to date. It includes iPhone OS 3.x but it doesn’t speak of the iPhone 3Gs. This means no projects about using video capture or the compass. Still… this is an amazing book that every iPhone user should have. To be honest, when No Starch Press sent me this book, i was skeptical. But taking my time with it, i realized that this is a great addition in my library and a useful guide when i dont remember how to do something. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest…

The price of the book is $29.95, you can take a look at the table of contents here and you can download a sample chapter here. Buy the book from amazon and you’ll save $10. Perfect gift for upcoming holidays….