FSM Interview: iH8sn0w , Developer of iREB

So I had a few moments to sit and chat with iH8sn0w, the creator of iREB (iTunes Error Bypasser). His tool along with a custom built IPSW, made it possible to jailbreak the 3.1 beta’s. Here’s what we talked about. He really didn’t want to get into to much personal stuff on the record…so we left it out. He didn’t want to comment on any of the other teams.

ZekeFSM: How long have you been writing code?

IH8sn0w: I’ve been writing code since I was 11 Years of Age.

Z: Do you have any formal training?

iH8:I’ve been using Online Tutorials that are on Torrents, (Non-Copyrighted ones =]). I’ve spent countless hours and summers trying to master degrees in C, and C++.

Z: What got you into it?

iH8: I’ve REALLY gotten into coding when I started to learn about the iPhone. It is a very useful device, that is powerful, and Apple does not use it up to its full potential.

Z: What kinda computer do you work on?

iH8: The Computer I use is a Asus Rampage II with a Intel i7 965 Extreme Edition, 8GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA GTX 280. I use it for my Hackint0sh and My PC.

Z: Do your friends know what you do in your spare time?

iH8: Most of my friends know that I program, and some even are shocked that I’m ih8sn0w. 🙂

Z: What was the first application you made/coded?

iH8: My first application was Pac Man. I created the first level of the Pac Man Game in Visual Basic! 🙂

Z: What motivates you to work on the iphone and ipod touch?

iH8: The things that get me motivated on working on the iPhone/iPod Touch is all the followers. They are the ones that encourage me to work, and do my job at my full potential. 🙂 I am nothing without them!

Before we go one of our followers (@duluen) wants to know why you don’t use Saurik’s server for the saved hash files?

iH8: I have talked with Saurik and he gave me the way to submit the request, so I will be updating the source code shortly.

There you have it…short and sweet. Interesting that he uses a PC that dual boots as a Mac…easier to go cross platform, I guess.

Look to see more useful stuff from him, I know he has more stuff in the works. He is currently working on a Windows jailbreak solution for the 3.1 firmware.