The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week- Day 6

Well the weeks pretty much done, and I have been on stock firmware 3.1.2 for 6 whole days. And let me say, after being jailbroken, since 1.1.4, this was a big change. Not quite the let down that I was expecting, but close. Some things came as a surprise, like battery life, and ram usage. My Ram usage was hovering around 80 megs free, according to the iStat app, which is actually a little lower than when jailbroke, but that’s probably because I always close out the iPod app and Safari when jailbroke.

But, the stuff I missed, I knew before I even started. A few small glitches were overcome with apps I didn’t know about on the app store, others I just had to deal with and make my own work arounds. Being on stock firmware just kind of dulled my iPhone experience. I still would not switch to any other “smart” phone. Yet. There are some pretty sweet new offerings coming down the line, though.

I could see how people that are new to the iPhone, or people that just really use it for a phone and web browser would never really understand that they are missing out on so much more. You truly don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never had it. But when you’ve tasted it, then it’s gone, is terrible. I feel sorry for those people that were to quick with their upgrade finger, and for those that truly had accidental upgrades. ” Get your hash files saved! ” should be a rally cry for the jailbreak community. If Apple really wanted to slow down the jailbreakers, they would just let loose of their reigns a little bit. Let some of the jailbroken apps creep into the app store. Or at least include them in stock firmware. I understand battery life and memory usage are important, but the Devs have a pretty good handle on things. The jailbreak thing will never go away, not as long as the Unlock is needed. And the jailbreak Devs are really pushing the envelope with their apps.

I don’t think I’ll wait another day. Later tonight, I will use redsn0w and re-do my jailbreak. I will be staying at 3.1.2, if its good enough for his Steve-ness, its good enough for me. I am not just going to jump back in and start downloading apps, more at a need to have basis. But  the first thing I’m putting on is iRealSMS. Can’t wait to get my quickreply back. Of course I will be adding SBSettings, infinidock, and backgrounder, but not sure if I will go the lastapp route or ProSwitcher. I never really “needed” to background any apps, but it would have been nice to swap back and forth thru 2 at a time. So I may go the lastapp route for now.

All in all it wasn’t that bad of an experiment, but not one I want to do again anytime soon. Stock firmware just doesn’t cut it for me, anymore. Its not as horrible and unusable as  most would have you believe, but it’s not as warm and fuzzy as jailbroke firmware. But, that’s just how I see it.