Interview With Jim Reekes, Creator Of Apple’s Startup Chime And “Sosumi” Chime Sounds

Today, story-telling is a lost art, especially in the tech world. Today analysts, tech journalists and certified bullshit artists are trying to figure out and speculate on future actions of various companies, educating people about a blurry future and not so much about the past.

Did you ever wondered why and how did Apple got their startup sound? Or how did it came to life? If you did, here is your answer. A full interview with Jim Reekes, the man behind Apple’s startup Chime and Sosumi Chine sounds.

The story behind *something*, makes that *something* gain a whole new perspective. And the stories behind the most insignificant things, that you might not even realize that they are there – even though u hear/see/feel them all day everyday – are the most beautiful stories.

[thx Aaldert]