FIX: Skype Crashing on Jailbroken iPhones

I think you all know that Skype (finally!!!) released the official app in the appstore. It is crazy, i tell you! Everybody is writing articles like they arrived to Mecca for the first time in their lives.

Twitter got crazy since the release. Everybody is telling the same thing ( announcing that Skype is released ) and of course they are bragging about their own “first look” of this app.

Sorry, didnt you people know that you could use Skype on your iPhones before? ( here’s 2 apps that could do that : Fring and IM+). So you pretty much, didnt discover Atlantis. Just chill dudes.Play cool, give Skype the satisfaction. ( just kidding )

Anyway, there pretty much was a surprize for those of you that tried Skype on a Jailbroken device. After like 30 seconds the app is crashing, or it just load and it will crash. That is not so good.


Load Cydia and update the MobileSubstrate file. That’s it. Enjoy Skype.